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Title: Ancora sulla citazione ebraica di Epideixis 43: «Un Figlio nel principio stabilì Dio; in seguito, il cielo e la terra»
Authors: Sanvito, Clara  
Keywords: Ireneo, Santo, Obispo de Lyon
Generación divina
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Università di Bologna
Citation: C. Sanvito, "Ancora sulla citazione ebraica di Epideixis 43: Un Figlio nel principio stabilì Dio; in seguito, il cielo e la terra": Adamantius 25 (2019) 173-193
Abstract: both transliterated and translated rst from Hebrew to Greek and then from Greek to Armenian. is quotation as far as we know, the only one in the Hebrew language in the whole work of Irenaeus entails three problems. First: Irenaeus a rms that it is a quotation of Moses, but we can t recognize it in any text we know, even if it resounds to Genesis 1,1. Second: it is di cult to reconstruct the original Hebrew text because the transliteration and the Armenian translation don t correspond to each other. Indeed, a sequence of letters of the transliteration hasn t any correspondence in the translation, and moreover, it is di cult to identify it with a Hebrew term. ird: in our passage, the Armenian language presents ambiguities that Greek did not, and the scholars do not agree about the position of Irenaeus in the theological point that this quotation would explain, namely if the Word was generated ab aeterno or ante tempus. is paper pretends to present the status quaestionis of the previous interpretations of the quotation and to support one of them.
ISSN: 1126-6244MIAR
Language: it
Format: Artículo
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